Announcements, announcements, announcements (SC3, SC4, QA-M)

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Announcements, announcements, announcements (SC3, SC4, QA-M)

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Dear SEP participants,

there will be several meetings in the next few weeks that you surely came across in the calendar, now the time has come to officially
announce them. The general remarks of SC1 are still valid, but the next steering committees have a different focus:

Steering Committee 3

Date: May 7
Time: 10:45-15:10h
Room: S101/A04

Present your current design and explain design related decisions that you made. Show alternatives and the final solution. Focus on the architecture of your system and address the following points in your presentation:
  • Present a high-level overview of your architecture along with the major design goals
  • Introduce the (non-)functional requirements that influenced your design and discuss how they are related to your design goals
  • Explain why your design meets those requirements
  • Which alternate designs were considered by you? Based on which consideration did you decide for the final design?
Informal QA Meeting

Date: May 14
Time: 13:30h - "open ended"
Room: A313

We'd like to see your QA related tools "in action", therefore we organize an informal meeting where each group should present one aspect of their QA which they are particularly proud of (e.g., continuous integration system, a specific tools, some review process, ...). It is not necessary that all members of the groups attend this meeting.

The demos should last roughly 10min (+discussion afterwards), but you do not need to prepare slides for that meeting. We want to see your tools in action and get a feeling about how QA "feels" in your project. Nevertheless, you should prepare a "story" or a red line that leads through your demo. You should talk about you planned content for that meeting, when you get feedback for your preliminary QA document.

Steering Committee 4

Date: May 29
Time: 11:40-16:05h
Room: S101/A3

The steering committee 4 is all about quality assurance. Convince us that you take quality seriously and grant us insight into your processes.
  • Briefly introduce the quality goals of your project. You have to justify why they are important in your project.
  • Detailed introduction of the activities that are carried out (incl. the corresponding processes) to reach the two most important goals.
  • Present some reports of past QA activities (e.g., a screenshot of your code coverage on package level, a test protocol, etc.).
  • If you have a build server, you should briefly explain what parts of your QA are automated.
best regards

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