Review 1

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Review 1

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Der SEP participants,

the first review takes place in the next week:

Date: 18.3.
Uhrzeit: 10-16h
Raum: S202/A213


As a difference to the SCs, every group presents separately. It is planned to have 45min per group (25min presentation, 20min discussion). The groups present in the following order:

10:00 - Cloud Camel
10:45 - DoQuomentors
11:30 - Code Monkeys
12:15 - Lunch break
13:00 - Performance Software Engineering
13:45 - TimeScale
14:30 - GIMP
15:15 - Knowledge Automation Group

The slides should be presented by two group members. We'd like to see different people presenting each presentation. Again, attendance is required for all team members!

General Contents

Each review has two mandatory topics: In the beginning of your talk, you should briefly introduce your team and your project. This can be more elaborated than in the first review, but should be kept short in the later ones. At the end of each review we'd like to see a updated time schedule for you project that highlights the changes to the last presented schedule. For details on this, please have a look at the introductory slides.

Apart from these two topics, each review has a focus topic, which is elaborated in an announcement like this, before the review.

Focus of Review 1

The main topics for this review are the project management document and the specification document. Compared to SC1/2, we'd like to get a deeper insight into those documents.

The first focus is your requirements analysis and management, both functional and non-functional. Present details about: 1) How do you formalize your requirements? (e.g., use cases, features, user stories, etc.). 2) How do you manage your requirements? You should introduce your process for change-requests. If you like, you can sketch technologies and tools, that you use in your project.

The second focus is the PM document. We are interested in three topics: 1) Risk management: Show an overview of all the risks you identified for your project. Introduce one risk in detail, to give an impression of how you are managing risks. 2) Introduce you internal development processes. Briefly explain, how you team members arrange works on the source code and how you agree on a design (!= layout ;)). 3) Every presentation should include th current schedule at the end. In review 1, you can add more information about how you measure your work hours and the remaining work. Explain how you check your progress against your planning and how the planning is updated, if deviations occur.

I wish you a great success for the preparation of the presentations. Please note, the reviews are relevant for grading. We strongly recommend you to get feedback from your group advisor!

Sebastian Proksch
SE Organization

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Re: Review 1

Beitrag von sproksch » 16. Mär 2013 13:49

Brief clarification:

1) The language of the review is up to your group. If you like you can give a german presentation.
2) Only the STG attends your presentation, no other groups are there.


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