Lecture (09.11.2009) rescheduled

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Lecture (09.11.2009) rescheduled

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Hello everybody,

unfortunately, Prof. Goesele is still ill and there are some changes concerning the regular schedule of the lecture. We are sorry if that causes inconvenience for you.
  • The lecture on Monday, 09.11.2009, is rescheduled to Tuesday, 10.11.2009. Monday is NO LECTURE.
  • The due date for the first exercise is regularly still Tuesday, 10.11.2009, 14:25. Please hand in your results before the due.
  • The presentation of the first exercise is rescheduled to Tuesday, 17.11.2009. So you have another week to prepare your results for presentation.
  • A new exercise will regularly be released on Tuesday, 10.11.2009.
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Re: Lecture (09.11.2009) rescheduled

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sfuhrmann hat geschrieben:Please hand in your results before the due.
Where are we supposed to hand in our results (email?) and what exactly are we supposed to hand in? Source code? Pictures?

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Re: Lecture (09.11.2009) rescheduled

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Hello everybody,

the current exercise is due tomorrow at 14.25 pm. We'd like to ask you to check in all your results and code using the svn accounts provided for each team. If you don't yet have a svn account for your group please contact me (If you aren't working alone your message should also contain the name of your team member).

As a reminder: Exercise 2 will be published tomorrow (due date December 1st). The presentation of your results for exercise 1 will take place on November 17th.

best regards
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