[OT] Scrum-Trainings

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[OT] Scrum-Trainings

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Dear students,

we are happy that we are able to offer two (mutually exclusive ;)) SCRUM trainings this year. Both are organized by external companies and target at experienced students that want to extend their knowledge in the area of applied project management... you!

1) The first course is hold in german and offered by "Andrena Objects" [1,2]. It will take place from March 11-15, 8 hours a day. The course will take place here at the university and there are 12-20 seats available. If you like to attend, please send me a mail [5] until February 15, I will gather all registrations and send them bundled to andrena.

2) The second course is hold in english and offered by "Ericsson" [3]. It will take place on 3 days in January to March 2013 at Ericsson R&D (Frankfurt - Niederrad). The date is not fixed yet. If you like to participate, please register yourself in the corresponding Doodle poll [4], you don't need to send me a mail.

Both are great courses and it is great chance to be able to attend such a course for free.

best regards

[1] http://www.andrena.de/
[2] http://agile-software-engineering.de/
[3] https://repository.st.informatik.tu-dar ... icsson.pdf
[4] http://doodle.com/qrexn5c7379kyed5
[5] proksch@st.informatik.tu-dar...

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