"Solution" for exam example questions

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"Solution" for exam example questions

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just want to go through the 3 provided example questions [1]. Hope you can give some feedback.

1. Give a definition of the quasar blood group “0-Software”.
The "0-Software" category describes parts of the software which are not logic related and not technology related. For example small libraries like a string library.

2. What is the type of the following requirement? Give a short explanation, why this requirement is insufficient. “Around 30.000 data sets have to be processed per day.”
quality requirement
functional requirement

I'd say it is a quality requirement (= non-functional requirement), because it doesn't describe the "processing". It describes quantitative needs from the system. However the requirement is insufficient, because the type of data (customer data, videos, images?) is not specified nor the distribution of the processing (equally distributed over day, or 15.000 at 12pm and 15.000 at end of the day?)

3. The development of an architecture landscape tries to balance the two main requirements “quicker €” and “ideal landscape”. Explain, why those two requirements cannot be easily fulfilled at the same time.
I'm struggling a bit here, but I think the point is, that we can start getting money earlier, if we have a system which fulfills the CURRENT needs and which is quickly developed. Unfortunately this can lead to problems in the later maintenance phases etc., because the system wasn't designed carefully (ideally) in a way that it can be extended properly. Is this somehow related to Return on Investment (ROI) vs Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? ROI could be more, if we just look at five years (and optimized system for Quicker €). But if we're looking at TCO the costs can be much higher for lets say 10 years, since the maintenance costs much more. Like I said not quite sure at this question, maybe someone of you can explain this further.


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Re: "Solution" for exam example questions

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My solution:

1) yes, library.

2) It's a system requirement, subtype: user requirement. It may be insufficient, because there is always quality and technical requirements should be provided in order to wrap this requirement properly.

3) It is simple: you can't earn quick money and build solid and maintainable architecture at the same time.


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