Scrum Exercises

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Scrum Exercises

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i'd like to discuss the Scrum exercise solutions since I was not in the lecture that time.

1. Who estimates Product Backlog items?
The development team

2. It's 30 minutes before end of the sprint planning (part 2) and only half of the product backlog items has been converter in work. What should the team do?
I'm struggling a bit with this - i'd say "Keep the pace, stop in 30 minutes and start the actual Sprint the next day" - but somehow it depends, if this would not deliver working functionality in the end, then this wouldn't be the correct solution. Someone has a hint?

3. Who should write the Product Backlog?
The product owner

4. Sprint Burndown chart - what does it tell? what actions would you suggest?
It shows the planned "burndown" of story points regarding time in conjunction with the "actual" burndown (done work) and the resulting trend.
We can see that the planned burndown is much steeper than the actual burndown trend. This means, that the team commited to to much work or to say it in other words: it overestimated itself (velocity) or underestimated the product items. I'm assuming that the team is working properly (and not drinking coffee the whole day), so i'd suggest, that it keeps up the work and accept the "failed" iteration. Afterwards it should overthink the own velocity and maybe reestimate the product backlog items.

5. What is the correct action? (regarding burndown chart)
The scrum master remind the team of the forecasted scope for the sprint but leaves it to the team on actions because of self-management.

I'd like to hear your feedback and maybe some corrected solutions.

@The organizers: Here is some feedback regarding this slide set - I think it is VERY! good to have some exercises, i'd loved to see it also in the other topics. Unfortunately on the other hand there is much content missing in the Scrum slideset (basically there is only the "Scrum overview") - some sort of rebalancing would be good here.


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Re: Scrum Exercises

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So, this is what I think:

From the Scrum Guide: "The Development Team is responsible for all estimates. The Product Owner may influence the
Development Team by helping it understand and select trade-offs, but the people who will
perform the work make the final estimate."
So I'm pretty sure your answer "The development team" is correct.

From the Scrum Guide: "Sprint Planning is time-boxed to a maximum of eight hours for a one-month Sprint."
Again, I think your answer is correct.

From the Scrum Guide: "The Product Owner is the sole person responsible for managing the Product Backlog"
Thus, "The product owner" should be the correct answer.

No multiple choice here. Your answer sounds good to me.

From the Scrum Guide: "As the Development Team works, it keeps the Sprint Goal in mind. In order to satisfy the Sprint
Goal, it implements the functionality and technology. If the work turns out to be different than
the Development Team expected, they collaborate with the Product Owner to negotiate the
scope of Sprint Backlog within the Sprint."

So, I would rather say it is the first answer "The Product Owner takes out work from the Sprint Backlog so the
Team can end within the Time-box upon sustainable pace".

Maybe another opinion for this one? I think the first 3 multiple choice questions are quite clear.


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