Start of the course "Mobile Networking" in Winter 2011/2012

Matthias Hollick
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Start of the course "Mobile Networking" in Winter 2011/2012

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Dear students,

the course "Mobile Networking - Communication Networks III (MobNet)" is commencing today, on October 19, 2011. We are looking forward to meeting you at 11:40h in S306/052 (ETIT building in Merckstr. 25).

You will find all static information regarding the course, including how to register for the learning portal, if you visit the course homepage via the SEEMOO teaching webpages: (of course there is TUCaN, yet not all parts of the puzzle are correctly laid out there).

While we will check this forum only infrequently, our portal at serves as the main communication hub for the course.

Best regards

Matthias Hollick
for the MobNet team
Matthias Hollick

matthias.hollick (at)

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