Seminar: Current Topics in Concurrency and Parallelism

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Seminar: Current Topics in Concurrency and Parallelism

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In the winter term 2020/2021, the MAIS group offers the seminar "Current Topics in Concurrency and Parallelism" (3CP, TUCaN Id: 20-00-0960-se).

Modern computing hardware offers multiple processor cores to complete tasks. Since a single processor core only increases ever so slightly year over year, more and more software makes use of multiple processor cores. However, developing and analyzing parallel software is a challenging task.

In this seminar, we look at scientific publications that address the creation and analysis of parallel software. The topics include:
- dependency analysis and dependency representations
- modeling and effects of weak-memory behavior
- semantics of concurrent systems
- static and dynamic analysis of concurrent systems
- automated parallelization

Further information can be found on the course webpage (https://www.mais.informatik.tu-darmstad ... -ws20.html).

The joint online kick-off meeting for labs and seminars offered by MAIS will happen on Friday, 6.11.2020, at 14:25. We will provide more information how to join the online kick-off meeting via e-mail before the meeting. To receive information how to participate, please register for one of the courses via TUCaN or write a short e-mail to in case you want to register in TUCaN after the kick-off meeting.
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