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Solution for old exam

Verfasst: 7. Feb 2018 08:37
von Azazel
Fellow students,

you may be aware that there is an old exam (see ... am/old.pdf) provided in the last years course page. As there is no sample solution available, I created an online pad to compare your results with those of other students and discuss possible solutions of the tasks.

The main idea is that the results most of us agree with is likely to be the correct solution

Example on how to use:
  • You solved task 2 of the old exam and want to find out if your result is legit
  • Try to find a provided answer to task number 2 in the pad. If there is none, post your result in a way that others can understand it the task 2 section
  • If there is already an answer provided and it MATCHES your answer, mark the already provided answer with an ampersand ("&") to show others that you agree with the provided answer in the pad
  • If there is already an answer provided and it DOES NOT MATCH your personal answer, post your solution to the pad to show others that you think the provided result in the pad is wrong.
  • If you do not understand a given solution, post your question(s) in the QUESTIONS section provided for each task
You can find the pad with the following link:

Re: Solution for old exam

Verfasst: 9. Feb 2018 19:24
von LorenzB
Thank you Azazel

Maybe we can do this for the two midterm exams too (from two/three years ago)

Also the important slidenumbers would be an idea.

Re: Solution for old exam

Verfasst: 10. Feb 2018 08:56
von Azazel
Hey LorenzB,

feel free to do so! You can create new pads on this website for free:

I prefer to initially fill a new pad with some structure to force the users to use a certain formatting style, e.g. task numbers, subtasks, etc.
I also recommend you put in the name and download link of the exam the pad is about.