exam yesterday

the D
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exam yesterday

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i really want to know if i'm the only one with severe time problems on the exam.
I think it was just too much for 90 minutes, even if nothing was that hard to solve in particular.

I heard the same from the students which sat next to me, now i'm curious what the rest of you thinks.

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Re: exam yesterday

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For me the real problem was about solving pattern detection and code writing because one entire page was used to print the problem statement and we had to go back to previous page every time we refer some class/trait/method names related to problem.
That activity took some precious time away from me and I could not finish all in time.

Problem statement of the task of coding for patterns could easily be split into 3 pages, I guess.

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Re: exam yesterday

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For me as well, That IDE development task was also very long

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Re: exam yesterday

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Overall I have to say it was a really fair exam in my opinion though I also lacked time to do the 15point implementation part because I did all the other tasks first.
I found two questions of the pattern task a bit hard though I found four patterns:

1. Visitor (the obvious one, though somehow without concrete visitors)
2. Observer (also rather obvious)
3. Factory method (I think the create in binary expression?)
4. Composite, which was really easy to oversee in my opinion I got that the last minute or so because I just felt based on the questions im missing some pattern.

In conclusion I think the difficulty of the exam was more or less perfect though maybe still a little tad too long, we'll see how the average grade will look like I suppose.

What took most of my time was the sketching of Set since I really wasn't sure how much of a sketch is enough for them, it said we don't have to implement anything but we also didnt have to use UML. So really, what's a good enough sketch in code that your purpose is clear? Too subjective / unclear in my opinion so I did spend some time at least "sketching" out the set and sortablecollection class but left out the other classes for the strategy because they said two classes are enough..

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Re: exam yesterday

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I think most of the questions were fair, but the IDE task was quite a mess... I'd have preferred using UML or writing a textual description of the design I'd use rather than sketching down some scala code on paper. That would have been a lot faster to do and I think the core of the task was to figure out which design pattern to use for the problem at hand. The task was very ambigous in terms of the detail that was expected from us and the addition of custom methods to already existing classes (especially the Job task).

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Re: exam yesterday

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Thank you for your remarks. After correcting the exam, we also came to the conclusion that we will split up the "large" tasks in the next rounds and we will also explicitly rethink the "big design task" as a whole.


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