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July 16th

Verfasst: 7. Jul 2015 14:32
von m.hosseinian

Could you clarify what is going to be discussed on 16th of July, the lecture session? If there will be new topic(s) to be discussed, could you please upload the material earlier? (Like along with the material of this week's session) This session is so close to the exam date, so preparing the relevant material become much easier if we could review them beforehand.


Re: July 16th

Verfasst: 9. Jul 2015 15:38
von mi.reif
The slides are already uploaded.

Re: July 16th

Verfasst: 9. Jul 2015 17:26
von Boddlnagg
Will there be an exercise session on Juli 17th? And if so, what will be discussed there?

Re: July 16th

Verfasst: 9. Jul 2015 17:48
von mi.reif
Yes, there will also be an exercise. We'll discuss the 10th exercise which is handed out tomorrow.
The exercise is basically about the usage and implementation of different design patterns.