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MidTerm Exam Time

Verfasst: 22. Mai 2015 12:34
von UdoWeber
Hi all,

I want to know, if I'am to bad for this lecture, because I was unable to answere all questions in time?
I had an answer to all oft it, but was unable to answer half oft it. :(

How fits time frame for you?
Did someone answer all questions in time? :shock:

I also think in comparison to last year, getting bonus points is much more harder, because you have to reach 50% to get nothing, if you solved 50% of the exercises of last year, you got 50% oft the bonus! :|

Re: MidTerm Exam Time

Verfasst: 24. Mai 2015 17:46
von Talaron
It seems to be a common property of all SE-related exams that time is more of an issue than the actual content. I'd assume that the final exam will have an equal time-to-question ratio as the mid-term one (and also the same points-requirement as 50% are usually needed for passing with a 4.0).

Checking the points assigned for each task at the beginning of the exam and evaluating which ones have a fair points/time ratio can help. If you've practiced e.g. reading/drawing UML-diagrams, doing the tasks related to them can be much more efficient than answering questions that give only 1-2 points.

Also, writing just some short bullet items with the essential keywords can be enough to get all or at least most of the points for a task. While many questions are stated open enough to be answered with a two-pages essay, keeping the answer brief and precise is important when the expected time for thinking of AND writing down the answer is just one minute or two.

Re: MidTerm Exam Time

Verfasst: 25. Mai 2015 01:35
von UdoWeber
Thanks for your hints, helped a little bit ;)
Is their already a decision made, if we will write another test to get full bonus points?
You talked about a ReScala exam?
Would be nice :)

Greets Udo

Re: MidTerm Exam Time

Verfasst: 25. Mai 2015 18:52
von achal
Hello All,

I am in the same state as "UdoWeber". Had very less time to think and put the thought process in human readable form on the paper.

As "Talaron" mentioned about practice, I too feel the solution to the issue at hand is practice! which makes a man perfect.

Here I don't know how other members are performing or from where they are practising but I feel a serious shortage on the practice material.
For example if we solve many class design problems(which CDP is violated and redraw the UML etc..) regularly, than on the exam day we can think quick and write quickly.

Can anybody including the professors please let us where on the internet,books etc we can find such practice material 'relevant to the course at hand', which will sharpen our mind and help us to be better software engineers.

Thanks a lot!

Re: MidTerm Exam Time

Verfasst: 28. Mai 2015 10:05
von patrick.
I definitely agree with achal's opinion that we have to less practice material for preparation for the exam. In the exercises we mostly (except exercise 4) have to code - no design assesments or questions about if we have understood the S.O.L.I.D. design principles. I am thinking (and surely others too) to quit SE-DC, not because of the topic (it is really interesting and I like the lectures), but because of the final exam.

I noticed it during the mid-term exam - I was often uncertain about design answers, because I am not used to assess a design - I do not have much practice in it. I am really motivated and I would take the time necessary to internalize the topics by doing additional exercises, but I cannot find any good practice material. Nor I can find any book which covers most of the topics, so that I can study more examples.

I hope to get an answer from an assistant or Dr. Eichberg. Thank you!

Re: MidTerm Exam Time

Verfasst: 28. Mai 2015 11:38
von cswo
Hey there.

I also had problems with answering all the questions in time.
Even if I would know all the answers I wouldn't be able to write that fast... ó_Ò
Also the difficulty for me is reading each task once and fully get what's required from it.
(Read it twice and you haven't got enough time to solve it!)

Hints I can give:
-> Take a look at the slides and compare the questions of the Mid-Term Exam with the topics mentioned in the slides. (Categorize questions)
(Notice the box with the buzzwords on nearly each slide -> sometimes there are bold written sentences that refer to/summerize important content.)
Make a summery and compare it to that at the end of each script.
This may help to filter out possible exam content.

-> Discuss the exercises (and the example code in the slides) with your fellow students. Discussing and "arguing" about it helps to clarify your grasp.