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Jan 23: in-class exercise on RP

Verfasst: 14. Jan 2014 18:32
von salvaneschi
On 23rd January 2013 there will be no traditional exercise. Instead,
we will have an in-class exercise on reactive programming. Taking part
in the exercise will grant you at most 10 points. Part of the points
will be given for taking part to the exercise and part depending on
the results.

The exercise will have the form of questions on program comprehension
concerning reactive applications. The questions will be available
through a Web interface and you will work on them individually like in
an on-line exam. Everybody has to bring his laptop with a working
browser. Cookies and Javascript must be enabled. Please, also make
sure you can connect to the Eduroam network at TU.

To prepare yourself to the exercise, you can refresh your knowledge of
reactive programming, events, signals, and conversion functions. Also
consider all the code examples that where shown during the
lectures/exercises and the REScala manual.

Re: Jan 23: in-class exercise on RP

Verfasst: 22. Jan 2014 08:54
von salvaneschi
Dear All,
a quick reminder that, as already announced, tomorrow we will organize an in-class exercise on RP.
Due to the tight schedule (the exercise for next week will be introduced as well), the exercise may finish later than usual, depending on the time you need to complete the in-class assignments. In any case, the room is available until 14:00. The exercise will be individual. Please bring your own laptop and make sure that the connection to the Eduroam network is working.