ex04 DIP

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ex04 DIP

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got a question about the task 2 (DIP).
Points 4 and 5 are not clear for me.

I know two kinds of frameworks:
1. Some kind of libraries, which provide functionality (e.g. google-gson - is this a framework?)
I'd say these are low level modules.

2. Webframeworks (should also apply for test frameworks)
We extend some classes (AppController, Test, etc.) and thereby extend the framework with our application logic.
In this case i'd say, that the Frameworks are the high level modules and the low level modules are our "business" implementations (I know this is contrary to the statements of the slides and paper), but in this case we depend on the abstractions provided by the framework.
Ok we can also use some kind of framework components in our implementation again, but the base functionality depends on the framework.

So summed up: What kind of frameworks are meant? Did I oversee something essential?

I would appreciate an answer very much!

Best regards!

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Re: ex04 DIP

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I gave this answer in the class and it was accepted:

Frameworks are low level modules, even for web and testing frameworks. That is because if you want to build an online shop, the overall policy is not that of displaying a website and how it is done. Policies would be a shopping card, some billing process, displaying and browsing through products. That all depends on functionality provided by the framework


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