ex08 - Task 3

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ex08 - Task 3

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Hello, first this part of the exercise:
Create a subclass of Store that implements a Linked List. Its constructor should take an element and the tail of the list. Use
null as the empty tail. Add a second constructor that takes only an element and creates a list with exactly this element. The
implementation should override toString to provide a human readable representation of the list.
Now I'm not sure about the task. Should I implement the class MyStore using a LinkedList or is it just comparison to the LinkedList. I would prefer the way of using MyStore recursively.
Especially because of the following definition in the code:
def +(a: A): Store[A]
For me, it makes sense to implement a recursive "MyStore" and there's no need for a LinkedList.

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Re: ex08 - Task 3

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I'm no tutor but I've understood it like this:
Create a subclass of Store that implements a Linked List.
The important part being "implements a Linked List", not "implements a store as a LinkedList". Therefore I'd say the task is to implement a linked list yourself, not to create a subclass that just uses the LinkedList built into Scala. That would be trivial anyway.

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Re: ex08 - Task 3

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Yes, this interpretation is correct. You're supposed to implement a linked list, which is a recursive construct.



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