OT: Looking for students developing for Eclipse Recommenders

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OT: Looking for students developing for Eclipse Recommenders

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we are looking for skilled students (HiWis) that help us with developing new (and improving existing) features of Eclipse Code Recommenders (http://eclipse.org/recommenders/).

The working areas include (but are not limited to) working on the Eclipse UI Integration of Code Recommenders, developing search engines for code snippets (including some basic machine learning techniques like clustering), helping developing next generation of stacktrace search engines, and even building new recommender systems like http://pec.codeplex.com/or assisting in integrating http://stap.sjtu.edu.cn/~chengzhang/precise/ into Eclipse.

We are looking for highly motivated students, who know Java *very* well, are strongly committed to write clean code, test their code well (automated with JUnit and Mockito), and doing Code Reviews of other people's work (read, your code will be reviewed, and we expect you to review and understand code of others). A basic knowledge about how to extend Eclipse and Machine Learning is preferred but not required.

We are looking for students who work for a long period on the project (at least 6 months++) with a minimum of 35hrs per month and up to 80hrs. Hobbyists are welcome too. Your work on the project may also help you to qualify for next year's Google Summer of Code - which is still a very nice bullet in your CV I think ;)

Contact me (bruch@cs.tu-darmstadt.de) if interested becoming an open-source contributor at Eclipse.org. I'm very much looking forward to hear from you.


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