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Task 2.3

Verfasst: 2. Jun 2012 19:30
von d4rk 3d3n
Task 2.3 Document all requirements, which have an influence on the code of the UI or on the search engine, as well as the attributes
that are available in the existing search engines.
I don't realy get the Task, what means "have an influence"? And the attributes, shall we write all attributes of the UI and the search engine down? And what exactly is meant with the 'search engine' is it the whole project or the 4 search engines that actually search?


Re: Task 2.3

Verfasst: 3. Jun 2012 17:00
von Diablo
I have the same Questions....

Re: Task 2.3

Verfasst: 4. Jun 2012 11:48
von sproksch
The term "search engine" refers to a provider that queries external sources and provides results for the displayed book list...

Regarding task 2.3: Have a look at the different sources: How are they accessed? Which information do they provide and how are the results accessed? Are there any problems with the interpretation of those values?