TK3 Evaluation Results (Feedback from Prof. Mühlhäuser)

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TK3 Evaluation Results (Feedback from Prof. Mühlhäuser)

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in the following, you will find a response from Prof. Mühlhäuser regarding the TK3 lecture evaluation.

Sebastian Günther

Thank you for your extensive feedback regarding TK3 lecture and exercise.
We will provide our immediate response to main points of critique below.

1. Uncertainties regarding exam content
1a. Many of you felt uneasy regarding content and format of the exam
1b. This was aggravated since the exercises could not be easily matched to the lecture content

POINT TAKEN! We will work on making our expectations regarding the exam clearer to you.
Among others, we plan to provide one prep slide (or more) at the end of each chapter
that will discuss required knowledge and tasks/questions to be prepared for. But note the disclaimer:
the common rule “everything a lecturer says plus everything that’s on the slides is relevant”
will continue to apply.

As to 1b: we will make an effort to improve this, but our possibilities are somewhat limited since
we want to provide a deep, hands-on experience on selected topics rather than a shallow
treatment of “everything”. Nevertheless, we promise to make an effort towards better
coupling of lectures and exercises.

2. Video recording quality too low, recordings not always timely available.
As the lecturers told you from the beginning, we were in trial & test mode regarding a
new approach. Some things worked well (history slides), others not (audio quality).
We are still working on these issues and hope that the problems will be solved
soon. We are a bit disappointed that this extra service (for which we don’t receive
extra financial support etc.) was a major source of complaint. Is it still better NOT
to offer something than to offer something as a non-guaranteed, experimental
service? Anyway, we’re working on it as promised.

3. Too cluttered slides, still not enough “connections” between the chapters
Hm, we plan an effort to reduce the “content load” on the slides; we’re not sure though
to what extend we’ll manage to do this until next time. Ideally, we want to shift
more content from the slides to the notes, but this makes only sense if we can provide
notes for (almost) all slides and shift to “slides + notes” as the material offered. Given
the huge effort this represents, it may take a while. As to the connections between chapters,
we thank you for your positive feedback regarding our roadmap: we’re glad that this
was received as a good step in the right direction. We also plan to make the
connections clearer with a running example – again, we’ll have to see how far
we’ll get until the next term.

4. Issues were mentioned only once.
A number of issues were mentioned only once: we will consider these issues, some of
them are very easy to solve. We ask for your understanding that we’ll not address
these issues one-by-one here, we think it’s better to spend the effort SOLVING
them. To give you one example: there was a mention of arrogant answers in the forum.
This struck me [=Max Mühlhäuser] since I detest arrogance; we will discuss this
and strive to make sure that all forum content and behavior won’t appear as arrogant.

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