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Exercise 4.5 a)

Verfasst: 19. Nov 2011 13:11
von hymGo

I am not sure what is ment with exercise 4.5 a). That's why I have to questions about this exercise:

- Should we use monadic predicates (as described in the description of exercise 4.5) or should we use the existing type set? Or should we model a "really new" datatype for sets?
- What is ment with: " Let a type A be given". Should we assume something like: "typedecl A" or is A just the polymorphic type 'a?

Re: Exercise 4.5 a)

Verfasst: 21. Nov 2011 09:27
von alux
For the first question, please follow the description of exercise 4.5, as you guessed. For the second question, you should just use a polymorphic type.