Talk on Teaching and Research Collaboration Opportunities with Universitas Indonesia

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Talk on Teaching and Research Collaboration Opportunities with Universitas Indonesia

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Date: Wednesday, 09.08.2017, at 10.00h

Place: S202, Room C110

Title: Teaching and Research Collaboration Opportunities with Universitas Indonesia


In this talk I will introduce Universitas Indonesia, especially the Faculty of Computer Science. Universitas Indonesia, as the oldest University in Indonesia, has the best 5% of computer science bachelor students based on the national entrance exam. We have bright and talented students who are eager to pursue higher education and tackle challenging topics for their projects. In the last 5 years we have developed a collaboration with TU Darmstadt’s Software Engineering Group, studying and working on the Abstract Behavioural Specification (ABS) language as part of several student projects. I will briefly describe our current results and roadmap ahead. We would like to strengthen the collaboration on teaching and research by planning more joint activities and defining research topics of common interest.

About the speaker:

Ade Azurat has a tenure in the Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia. He usually teaches programming and software engineering related courses. For the last 8 years he has been the Vice Coordinator and Coordinator of the Computer Science Stream that handles the academic planning, operational and evaluation of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs in Computer Science. He spent almost 5 years in the Software Technology Group of Utrecht Universiteit in the Netherlands, working on theorem provers and functional programming. He received his Bachelor and Doctoral degrees from the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia. Currently his main interest is the application of ABS for generating web applications. The main domain of interest is so called Adaptive Information Systems for Charity Organizations.

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