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Submit-Server crashed?

Verfasst: 1. Dez 2019 18:21
von eustro
Hi everyone,

I was about to submit the assignment when the server returened a 500. The server is not reacheable anymore.
Error message from the browser and sbt console output are attached.
submission-error.png (11.21 KiB) 157 mal betrachtet
console-output.png (63.93 KiB) 157 mal betrachtet

Re: Submit-Server crashed?

Verfasst: 3. Dez 2019 10:18
von mirko-koehler
The submission works for me. Make sure you are submitting from the TU network.

Re: Submit-Server crashed?

Verfasst: 3. Dez 2019 11:26
von eustro
Yeah, it works since Monday. The problem was apparently solved.
I was in TU-network on Sunday evening, I could not submit it due to this error.

But works fine now,
Thank You