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Issues in Assignment02 template

Verfasst: 5. Nov 2019 18:13
von 120FJPM

while completing the second assignment I noticed a few issues with the provided template:
  • The test for the fibonacci implementation in ExtendedF1LAE tries to import everything from a non-existing FibonacciSolution object, this needs to be changed to simply the Fibonacci object
  • There's two identical copies of the DeBruijn task file and its tests, one with the correct spelling and one with a typo ("DeBrujin"), the workaround is to copy-and-paste the correct solution from one file to the other
I hope this helps everyone finding the same issues and they get fixed in a timely manner.



Re: Issues in Assignment02 template

Verfasst: 6. Nov 2019 16:53
von alzeha
Hi Jean-Pierre,

if I understand your comment right, you understood, what I have to do at the Fibonnacci task.

I spent a lot of time now just by trying to understand the ifc, so maybe you (or someone else) can help me and explain what I shall do. :(

As far as I understood, I shall write a function fundef which takes three symbols as argument and returns Num(fibNumber).

The first I do not understand is, why the function shall take three symbols as argument? And why are the three symbols always the same? This does not make any sense :(

So may someone help me in understanding what the input and what the output of the function should be?

thank you so much

Re: Issues in Assignment02 template

Verfasst: 6. Nov 2019 18:57
von jkapitzke
It is always good, to look at the public tests:

" val testcases = Table(
("expectation", "expr"),
(0, Num(0)),
(1, Num(1)),
(1, Num(2)),
(3, Num(4)),
(5, Num(5))

forAll(testcases) { case (expectation, expr: F1LAE) =>
test("test " + expr) {
assertResult(expectation) { interp(App('fib, expr), fibDefs) }

Now, change the Map fibDefs in such a way, that it contains a function with name 'fib that takes Num[Int] as a parameter and outputs Int's
Does that help?

Re: Issues in Assignment02 template

Verfasst: 7. Nov 2019 10:50
von alzeha

thanks for your answer. I understood it :)

Maybe the replacement of the word "fun" at some points in the code would help...

Re: Issues in Assignment02 template

Verfasst: 7. Nov 2019 13:53
von mirko-koehler
Thanks for the pointer. I have updated the template. There is no need for action if you used the old template.