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Slide corrections

Verfasst: 9. Mär 2019 23:15
von mwelzig
Here I've listed several issues I stumbled upon while reviewing the slides in preparation for the exam.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, just what I happened to notice (mostly grammar and spelling errors).

redundant "a" in "... on a cyclic environments ..."
than -> then in "... and than ended up ..."

The C# code example is invalid, formal parameter pArray of method Change must be declared as "ref int[]".
eventually != eventuell
Inconsistent notation: is it "=>↑" or "=>!"?

First Snippet: redundant parenthesis at the end

"ShopingItem" -> either "ShopItem" or "ShoppingItem"

First paragraph, second bullet point: than -> then
Last bullet point: use -> are

The wrong line is marked with "run-time error":
An ArrayStoreException would be thrown further up when assigning "objects[0] = new Integer(5);" since objects has run-time type String[].

"In practise" -> "In practice"; practise is a verb

Finally, as others have noted, the inconsistent use of *LAE and *WAE is very annoying and could probably be fixed with a simple search&replace.

Cheers, Mario

Re: Slide corrections

Verfasst: 10. Mär 2019 17:41
von vkuhn
Just wanted to add:

The second and third link are dead.