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Assignment 07 BindCC

Verfasst: 1. Feb 2019 21:11
von tud_informatik
I have a question in Assignment 7 Task 3 'test code'

test("10") { assertResult(BoolV(false))
{ runInterp(And(true, BindCC('k, Or(true, App('k, false))))) }}

I thought it was BoolV(True) because,

And(true, BindCC('k, Or(true, App('k, false))))

'k -> Continuation(k)

case Continuation(k) = k(false) = false

as a result,
Or(true, false) = true

but the result is false. I would like to know why this result comes out.

Re: Assignment 07 BindCC

Verfasst: 3. Feb 2019 12:17
von a10r
This has been answered here: viewtopic.php?f=300&t=39192