A feedback regarding the bonus grading

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A feedback regarding the bonus grading

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Dear TAs,

I have just checked out the grading of my solution for the first assignment. I was expecting to achieve the full grade but unfortunately it was not the case. I lost a few points in the first task "Scala Warm-up". In my point of view, I abided by all rules mentioned in the given task and all scala tests were successful. I think it would not be bad to have a short comment in case the student's solution does not get the full grade to explain why it has been graded so and it would also serve as a feed-back for the student himself to double check things he might misunderstood or did not understand well enough. Thank you.


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Re: A feedback regarding the bonus grading

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Thanks for the feedback. We usually add comments to the grading. You can view them by clicking on the task in the submission system. But just in case you think that we made an error with the correction, you can send me your name and we can double-check the grading.

Also note that there can be hidden tests that we do not distribute to students.


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