Typo in DeBrujinTest [test("conv ref in named expression")]

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Typo in DeBrujinTest [test("conv ref in named expression")]

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Dear Sirs,

I have another question regarding Task1 please. I am wondering why the following expression :

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 test("conv ref in named expression") {
    assertResult(LetDB(42, LetDB(RefDB(0), RefDB(0)))) {
      convert(Let('x, 42, Let('y, 'x, 'y)))
evaluates to

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LetDB(42, LetDB(RefDB(0), RefDB(0))) 
and not

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LetDB(42, LetDB(RefDB(1), RefDB(0)))
I think the x in the inner Let is bound to the x variable in the outter Let. The examples provided in Slide 9 of SIMPLE LANGUAGES lecture (i.e. V02.pdf) suggest the same.

I hope someone could clear up this to me. Thank you in advance.


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Re: Typo in DeBrujinTest [test("conv ref in named expression")]

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You're correct in that the 'x in the named expression of the inner Let refers to the 'x that was defined in the outer Let. What is important to realize here is that Let has two sub-expressions: namedExpr and body. However, the list of bindings available in these sub-expressions is different. The two instances of RefDB(0) correspond to different original variables.

If you look at the inner Let, the namedExpr has one available binding: 'x = 42 (defined in the outer Let). The namedExpr is Id('x), so it becomes RefDB(0) after conversion. The body of the inner Let has two available bindings: 'x = 42; 'y (= 'x) = 42. The body is Id('y), so it also becomes RefDB(0) after conversion.


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