Cumulocity IoT Hacking Event

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Cumulocity IoT Hacking Event

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Interested in hacking an industrial internet of things cloud platform? Interested in winning awesome prizes? Then this is for you…

What: CTF-style hacking event. Search for 0-day vulnerabilities and solve interesting challenges.
When: September 19, 2019
Where: Software AG Headquarters, Darmstadt

Teams: Each team has three participants. Teams compete against teams.
Seats: The total number of participants is limited. If the number of registrants is higher than the total number of seats, we will have to select participants and not everyone will be invited.

Registration (until August 19)

To register for the event, write a mail to with your name, mail address and a brief description of why you want to participate at iCHE19. If you already have a team (3 hackers), state their names as well. Everyone needs to register separately. If you don’t have a team, we will assign you one.

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