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Ex 3.2A

Verfasst: 24. Jun 2013 18:18
von ampelmann
I am working on part A of exercise 3.2 right now. However, if I apply the harris detector we got on an image, I do get really small values which never exceed any threshold bigger than 0.005.
The image is converted with im2double, because if I keep it in unit8, I get an error in the harris-code. Any ideas what to do? is the error in converting or maybe the threshold not right?
Thanks for any help :)

Re: Ex 3.2A

Verfasst: 24. Jun 2013 18:33
von franzel

i don't have the code in front of me right now, but im2double() automatically scales the image to [0,1]. Try to typecast it with double(x) instead. Then, it should be double in the range of [0,255]. If that does not fix it, let me know and i will investigate further.