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Assignment 3 - Problem 3 - Thresholding ?

Verfasst: 16. Jun 2011 14:34
von Marc Schmitt
In figure 2 of problem 3 (feature matching) you can see several points which are not connected to another point.

As far as I can tell, there HAS to be a threshold applied onto the distances between the points, otherwise in at least one image, every point should have a connected point.

Do we also have to apply a threshold to our distances to filter out implausible points ?

Re: Assignment 3 - Problem 3 - Thresholding ?

Verfasst: 19. Jun 2011 08:23
von Stumpf.Alex
It is not neccessary that a threshold exists due to non-connected points. The definition of matching gives:
Note that the two feature points in a pair should be nearest neighbours to each other and should also be at the same scale.
Given the nearest neighbour B of a point A, it must not follow that A is also the nearest Neighbour for B. So the matching for point A can fail in this case and there is no link for A.

But the questions is still interesting: Should we apply a threshold to the distance of matched points? In my opinion it would be reasonable.