Project report - questions

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Project report - questions

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Now that we have produced the data and wanted to finish the report we actually came up with a couple of questions.

Probably easy to answer but anyway...
1. slides_project2 gives a couple of examples what you expect.
RPCurve, EER, bin tables and their effect on those curves. Those RPCs analyze the performance using the training pictures, right? So basically we use similar code of part2 and change some PARAMS entries and look at the corresponding curves to make conclusions

2. Questions like Q3b added to the report? Or is that something to answer in an extra file?

EDIT: 3. was answered.

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Re: Project report - questions

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1. I don't get fully the question. Of course, the training images are used to train the classifiers, and the testing images are classified and used to compute the different precision/recall values.
The parameters are changed in PARAMS. For a given parameter, each possible parameter value you try (for instance bin_size values) produces a curve, or a EER value. You results should consist in a set of curves, or a table with different EER values.
From these results, you are expected to comment.

2. There is no extra file. All questions you decide to answer should appear in the report. As explained last friday, if you don't have enough space in 10 pages to answer all questions, please select the results you mentioned in an appropriate and consistent way.


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