Project Question 8 c)

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Project Question 8 c)

Beitrag von JanEisklar »

Hi there,

we have a question concerning question 8 c):

How does using PARAMS.prec_recall_threshold differ from question 5 b) where we were to threshold by PARAMS.svmThreshold?

How are we supposed to get different precision/recall values with a single constant?

Thank you in advance.

Christoph Vogel
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Re: Project Question 8 c)

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The parameter PARAMS.svmThreshold is used to reduce the amount of bounding boxes returned by the detector, while the parameter PARAMS.prec_recall_threshold is used for the evaluation. Both are used in Part 3 of the project.

More precisely, PARAMS.svmThreshold is considered for the non-max suppression (which is a O(n^2) algorithm) and allows to discard a large number of "bad boxes" where we know for sure that no pedestrian can be there. The remaining boxes do not need to be processed by the rest of the algorithm.

PARAMS.prec_recall_threshold is a threshold applied AFTER non-max suppression
and used for the evaluation only. For a given value of this threshold, you can
compute corresponding Precision/Recall values (or true positive rate and true negative rate). Note that we do not ask for curves here.


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