Bonus, points and work load

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Bonus, points and work load

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Hi all,

I have some general questions/remarks about the exercises:

1) To me, it is not quite clear what we get from the exercises (except for a better understanding of the topic). How is the bonus calculated from the exercise points, linearly or stepwise? Is there a minimum of points to reach before we get a bonus? What is the maximum bonus? Could I get a 1,0 without handing in any exercise or are the exercises part of the final grade?

2) Where can we see how many points our group got so far, and where we made mistakes (that were not discussed in class)?

3) I wonder what other students think about the amount of work especially for the so-called semester project? To me, it seems like we are supposed to do 5-10 times as much work as in a normal exercise, but in 3 instead of 2 weeks. The possibility of building a bigger group doesn't help much, as most parts cannot be done in parallel, e.g., writing a report can be done only after having results from experiments, and experiments can be done only after most of the code is implemented.

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