Questions regarding the project

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Questions regarding the project

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We have a couple questions.

1. First of all Q1 b. We don't understand the purpose of the params hist_min/max. Currently we just disregard each value, which is not in this interval. Is that the correct approach?

2. Regarding Q3 a. We wrote the function to plot the points and the hyperplane. We have a problem regarding the support vectors. The project slides state that for every alpha_i > 0 the point X_i is a support vector, correct? Further we assumed that every support vector lies on the margin planes as depicted on slide 37 (hog-svm.pdf) for linear separable data points.
This is not the case for us as you can see in this picture:
The plot was created with the default values defined in part2.m. The stars are every data point with an alpha value > 0.
According to our understanding and the depicted data points there should only be 2 support vectors (the 2 closest ones to the hyperplane)?

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Re: Questions regarding the project

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These are 2 very interesting questions which both needs quite lengthy explanations.
We prepared slides for tomorrow so we can answer in details.


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