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Matlab im Pool

Verfasst: 23. Apr 2010 16:23
von andy-held
I tried to start Matlab on the pool pcs, but it did not work.
Has anyone ever used it?
If yes, how did you do that?

Re: Matlab im Pool

Verfasst: 23. Apr 2010 16:32
von leviathan
Have you registered your group with Diane already? Matlab has to be activated for each RBG account, out of licensing reasons.

I didn't try it on the pool PCs directly. However, the "matlab" console command starts it up over SSH with X-Forward - so there should be no reason for it not to start on the pool PCs the same way. If the terminal complains about "matlab is an unrecognized command", Matlab hasn't been activated for you yet.

Re: Matlab im Pool

Verfasst: 23. Apr 2010 19:17
von andy-held
That explains it.

Re: Matlab im Pool

Verfasst: 26. Apr 2010 16:44
von diane
In the CV webpage, it is written
" Please send an email to Diane Larlus with your RBG login if you want to use Matlab in the computer pool."
People who have sent me an email specifically about this matter should have their login activated by now.
I also requested for an activation of your RBG logins as soon as you registered a group.
The last registered groups should have their login working with Matlab by tomorrow.
If would not be the case, please send me an email.

BTW, if you are still not part of a group, you should contact me quickly.