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got a severe problem! Everytime I start my TestSender/TestReceiver without changing the code of any of the two nor my FEC handler i get one of two entirely different results.

1. There are only a couple packages transmitted and all the others are never sent and thus never received by the receiver. The sender stops without any error message.

2. All packages (according to my loop 2000) are being sent and received by my FCE handler other the receiver side [but never noticed by the receiving service itself (although forwarded with emit_up(msg)) -> also see Thread "Trace files..."].

I really don't like indeterminism and thought it should not happen with well programmed frameworks, but according to what I see here, I think there is certainly a bug hiding somewhere...

What can I do to provide more information? Or should I just step by your office?


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Re: Indeterminism?!?

Beitrag von LukasRos »

We are experiencing the same problem here.
It seemed to change whether I activated our second handler (for fragmentation), but still the basic problem remains.
It's also not related to the network settings, I tried it both when connected to the Internet and when not.

Someone here who solved that problem?

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Re: Indeterminism?!?

Beitrag von erwin.ait »

MundoCore passes three or four control messages at connection setup. If DropHandler or your handler drops or damages a control message, such indeterminism may occur.

If your handler already works "almost everytime", you do not have to read on.

To solve this issue, update to mundocore-java-0.9.3 from ... ktikum/a3/. Regarding this issue, there are two notable changes:

- DropHandler does not drop messages smaller than 512 bytes (can be configured). For that reason, control messages are never dropped.

- BinCollectHandler no longer complains when it is invoked two times in a row.


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