Problem to assignment 2

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Problem to assignment 2

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We are not very clear with several points of the assignment.

1 As it is said on the slides, the control point is also a device. Should it also be detectable by the intel upnp spy?

2 Should our control point be a general purpose control point for all devices or just a special one for our virtual device?

Thank you in advance.

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1) Good question. The control point can be a device also, but under Upnp doesn't have to be. It can be a control point only. However, it must be discoverable and provide a description but no services or notifications, that's all.
Actually, if you make the device work first, it should be no problem at all to get the Control Point running and discoverable too.

2) Ideally yes, but it is not required. It should discover all the upnp devices though. This means: you can make a custom control point for a specific kind of device (and a have a custom user interface to operate those devices, for instance). But you must remember that it should not assume it will only operate with only one or two devices at a time: it should be able to find all the devices available of the right kind.

3) The virtual device must be a upnp device, otherwise your control point will not have anything to connect to. It is virtual in the sense that you do not need to implement a hardware-based device.
It is a software device.



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