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Exam Review

Verfasst: 5. Apr 2018 10:09
von meichholz
Hi all,

the grades should be available in TUCaN by now. The exam review will take place on Friday, April 13th from 10:00 to 11:00 in room A213. Students with family names that start with A-L please be there at 10:00, and students with family names that start with M-Z please be there at 10:30.


Re: Exam Review

Verfasst: 7. Apr 2018 13:28
von Jan
for me the exam result is shown in the Examination Results tab in TuCan but not in the Module Results tab or the Performance Record. Is this a known issue or just for me?


Re: Exam Review

Verfasst: 9. Apr 2018 15:40
von GS-812

bei mir ist es genauso:

In "Pr├╝fungsergebnisse" vorhanden, unter "Modulergebnisse" fehlt es noch.