[Math] Traffic Light Detection for Automated Driving

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[Math] Traffic Light Detection for Automated Driving

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Todays street traffic is optimized for manual driving with humans, resulting in the fact that most information transfer in traffic highly relies on visual recognition. Therefore, it only makes sense to utilize cameras for automated driving. While cameras among the other sensors provide the most dense information in their data, it is very challenging to extract this information.

For an automated tram prototype a precise detection and classification of traffic signals in camera data is needed. Within this work advantages of the track-bound should be utilized. This could be for example the automatic generation of labeled data (for the training of your machine learning network) based on precise self-localization.

More info can be found here: https://www.fzd.tu-darmstadt.de/studies ... 368.en.jsp

The thesis can be done in english or german!

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