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[BaTh/MaTh] Erweiterung und Implementierung eines fähigkeitsbasierten Routensuchalgorithmus für das autonome Fahren

Verfasst: 2. Okt 2020 13:04
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Folgende Abschlussarbeit ist zur Zeit bei uns am Fachgebiet Fahrzeugtechnik (FB16) zu vergeben:

Extension and Implementation of a Capability-Based Routing Algorithm for Automated Driving

Automated vehicles have certain abilities that are necessary for driving on roads. However, since the driving requirements of the individual road sections may differ, correspondingly different capabilities are required. Before a driving mission can be started, it is therefore necessary to plan a drivable route based on the current driving capabilities. In this thesis an existing route planning algorithm shall be extended and implemented in a given framework.

Task Details:
  • Investigation and comparison of current approaches
  • Get familiar with existing route planning algorithm
  • Extension and improvement with respect to the given (software) framework
  • Implementation of the routing algorithm (preferably in Python)
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