Master Thesis: Anonymous Communication System

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Master Thesis: Anonymous Communication System

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Master Thesis
Title: Anonymous Communication System
Telecooperation Lab, Computer Science department, TU-Darmstadt

Freedom of speech is a core value of our society. Anonymity is a crucial requirement to exercise freedom of speech using the Internet. Publish/subscribe (pub/sub) is a message dissemination paradigm well suited for the many-to-many exchange of content in online social media. Using anonymous pub/sub models, users can communicate without disclosing their identities, thus, expressing their opinions freely. A set of algorithms were proposed to realize anonymous pub/sub systems including: establishing the system, routing the messages, preserving the anonymity, and improving the efficiency. Anonymous pub/sub systems have been evaluated so far only by simulation.

In this thesis, we aim to develop and realize a collection of algorithms to establish the system efficiently and preserve the users’ anonymity. The system will be deployed on a raspberry pi testbed.

Required skills:
-Interested in privacy and security
-Enjoying practical and hardware deployment
-Good programming skills (preferably Python)

Supervisors: Tim Grube & Aidmar Wainakh (

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