Master/Bachelor Thesis: Tweet beyond the Cage!

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Master/Bachelor Thesis: Tweet beyond the Cage!

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Bachelor/Master Thesis
Title: Tweet beyond the Cage!
Telecooperation Lab, Computer Science department, TU-Darmstadt

Using Twitter nowadays means putting all our data, tweets, likes, and social connections under the full control of the Twitter company.
Which, like other online social networks, uses our data to make revenue by selling it to third parties (e.g., data brokers).
That is, our data is continuously disclosed, thus, our privacy is severely violated. However, switching to privacy-friendly social networks (e.g., Mastadon) results in losing connections with our friends and communities.
In this thesis, we propose a hybrid solution, where users can use Twitter in two modes: public and private. Using an Andriod app, a user can choose to tweet publicly to Twitter servers or to tweet beyond the cage of Twitter to a private network, where only their friends can access the data.

Required skills:
- Interested in privacy and security in online social network
- Good programming skills (Andriod apps, Ionic framework, Javascript)

Contact: Aidmar Wainakh (

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