BA/MA: Implementation of a GeoServer for Vehicle Maneuver Coordination in OMNeT++

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BA/MA: Implementation of a GeoServer for Vehicle Maneuver Coordination in OMNeT++

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Communication between vehicles (V2V), vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) or vehicles and “others” (V2X) can significantly increase the performance of already deployed driver assistant systems. This can be achieved by extending the environment perception of local sensors such as cameras, RADAR’s or LIDAR’s, especially in terms of range and content extension, but also by road relevant information such as traffic and adverse weather conditions by exchanging information on the radio propagation channel. The commonly used communication technologies follow cellular and ad hoc approaches such as LTE and ITS-G5, respectively, but also hybrid approaches to combine the benefits of both technologies.
In Europe the basic set of applications for vehicular communications were already specified by the European Technology Standard Institute (ETSI) and more precisely in the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) working group in 2014. V2X-capable road users share information about their vehicle conditions in the Cooperative Awareness (CA) service or distribute information about road conditions in the Decentralized Environmental Notification (DEN).
The next big step towards highly automated driving is the maneuver coordination (MC) and collective perception (CP) services, whereby the former can significantly increase the coordination process and safety of vehicles (for all SAE levels) in complex situations such as cooperative merging on highways or cooperative overtaking on rural roads and the latter the environment perception by the local sensor object list of other vehicles.

The research will focus on V2X maneuver coordination and collective perception in the area of cellular communication. The objective is the implementation and evaluation of a GeoServer for maneuver coordination in the OMNeT++ environment (together with Veins, SimuLTE and Artery). The GeoServer is the backend of the LTE network and stores, processes and forwards V2X messages depending on the message type. There are already existing concepts of GeoServers for other applications available, which shall be assessed and optimized for maneuver coordination and collective perception services.
The functionality of the GeoServer includes mechanisms for mobile node localizations, identification of relevant receivers (GeoCast) based on the message type and a realistic representation of the end-to-end latency.

  • Experience with cellular and ad hoc communication
  • Very good programming skills in C++
  • Experience with Linux
If you are interested in the topic and task, please send a mail to

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