Bachelor/Master Thesis: Title: Biometrics/Computer Vision/Machine Learning/Security

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Bachelor/Master Thesis: Title: Biometrics/Computer Vision/Machine Learning/Security

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Bachelor/Master Thesis
Title: Biometrics/Computer Vision/Machine Learning/Security
Competence Center Smart Living and Biometric Technologies, Fraunhofer IGD

Biometrics is a rapidly growing technology that aims to identify or verify people identities based on their physical or behavioral properties. Different aspects of biometric technology are an active research fields. Enhancing the accuracy of biometric comparisons, securing the biometric templates, managing fast searches in biometric databases, and detecting different attacks on biometric systems, are all essential advancements to enable a wider and more secure deployment of the technology.
I am offering a number of open thesis positions to tackle these problems. Interested students from Informatics, electrical engineering, mathematics, and physics, are encouraged to apply. The exact details of the thesis topic can be built on the available topics, and the competences and interests of the student.

Required skills:
- Interest in computer vision, machine learning, information security
- Programming skills

Contact: Dr. Naser Damer (

Please start your email title with: [THESIS APPLICANT]

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