Master thesis: automatic handling of exam sheets

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Prof. Karsten Weihe
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Master thesis: automatic handling of exam sheets

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I would like to have a software tool for the following semi-automatic text analysis task:

The questions on an exam sheet are broken down into elementary questions, for which a good answer is short (one short sentence or so) and the decision whether or not the answer is correct is simply binary: fully correct or not. The exam sheet ist strictly structured, so it well known where to find the answer to a particular question.

There may be permutations: a question may require a few partial answers (e.g. mention all pros and all cons of something), and the order of the partial answers is not prescribed. However, there are separate slots for partial answers, so your tool knows where these partial answers are located on the sheet (but not which one in which slot).

Your tool receives scans of all sheets submitted by the examinees. It first applies a handwriting recognition program to digitalize the examinees' answers. Then it applies some tests on the digitalized answers in order to make a first proposal which of the small answers are correct and which are not. These proposals along with the examinee's answers are presented by your tool in a convenient way to the examiner, who may change each particular proposal (no change = approve). Your tool records the changes and computes the final scores of all submissions.

Your work will be assessed according to the standards of software engineering and scientific writing. You will collaborate closely with me, so you may get feedback from me frequently as to whether you are on a good way.

If you are interested, contact me directly:

Karsten Weihe

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