Master Thesis: Privacy-preserving Targeted Advertising in P2P Network

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Master Thesis: Privacy-preserving Targeted Advertising in P2P Network

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Targeted Advertising (TA) targets online users with specific ads based on their demographics, interests, or even political views (e.g., Cambridge Analytica), etc. The users data is collected by advertisers and processed using data mining techniques, such as Association Rules (ARs), to profile users and predict their future needs and target them with ads accordingly. However, this approach massively violates users privacy by disclosing their sensitive information to advertisers.

  • Design and implement a privacy-preserving targeted advertising mechanism that does not disclose users information to the advertisers nor to other users, and yet fulfills the advertisers requirement of targeting potential customers.
  • To achieve this goal, the users and the advertisers collaborate to build ARs in distributed and privacy-preserving manner.
  • Based on the ARs, the users receive the proper ads through pub-sub communication model.
  • Basic knowledge about P2P networks
  • Basic knowledge about data mining
  • Good mathematical skills
  • Good programming skills

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