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Data Scientist

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NIWA is a dynamic research organisation whose purpose is to enhance the economic value and sustainable management of New Zealand’s marine and freshwater resources, to provide understanding of climate and atmospheric state and processes, and increase resilience to weather and climate-related hazards to improve safety and wellbeing of New Zealanders.

The New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) facilitates access by public sector, academic and private industry researchers to NIWA and the University of Auckland’s High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities. NeSI helps researchers through providing advice for ‘on-boarding’ to these facilities, managing data transfer and storage, as well as resolving complex computational and modelling requirements.

We are seeking a data scientist or data science engineer to work closely with researchers from a wide range of disciplines such as social, biological, environmental, biomedical and materials science and engineering. The position involves advising and assisting researchers with processing and analysing their datasets efficiently on the advanced HPC platforms and helping them build and optimise complex data pipelines, models, and workflows. You will represent NIWA and NeSI as data science authorities in national and international communities.

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