Stud. Hilfskraft (m/w): Implementing network protocols for secure multiparty computation

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Stud. Hilfskraft (m/w): Implementing network protocols for secure multiparty computation

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Motivation & Goal:

Secure Multiparty computation allows parties to compute on a function on their private inputs and obtaining the result without revealing anything else. It can be used for many applications including private set intersection and secure data processing in the cloud. In this context, we explore the use of networking protocols. The possible tasks for the applicant may include:
• Implementing in C++ and integrating networking protocols for secure multiparty computation.
• Running experiments and evaluating the performance of the cryptographic protocols and comparing them with prior works.
• Extending a secure computation framework and maintaining it.


• Strong C++ programming experience
• Knowledge and implementation experience with network protocols
• Basic cryptography knowledge
• Flexible working hours

We offer:

• Opportunity to work on solutions to real life security and privacy problems
• 40 - 80 hours per month; 3 months, extension possible
• Opportunities for Bachelor/ Master theses
• Job experience at one of Europe’s top-ranked research institute

Contact :

If you are interested, please send your complete application (CV, letter of motivation and transcript of records) to
Tel: +49-(0)6151/869-513

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