HiWi für den Aufbau einer sicheren Entwicklungsumgebung

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HiWi für den Aufbau einer sicheren Entwicklungsumgebung

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Motivation & Goal:
The development process is one of the most critical processes in creating new software products. If the environment is easy to manipulate, the risk exists that some malicious code goes in production.
Our vision is to build an easy to configure and effective development environment to decrease the risk of unwanted side effects.
Very basic techniques are: Version Control, Configuration Management, Code Recommenders, etc.

• Research on existing approaches to secure a development environment (SVN, GIT, Code Scanners, etc.), potential to write a thesis on this topic
• Installing and testing these tools on our servers and create a test environment; designing extensions for existing approaches
• Document the results and integrate them into the lecture “Introduction to IT-Security”

• High motivation and creativity,
• Knowledge of IT Security,
• Good knowledge of web technologies and programming languages,
• Experience with reading research papers,
• B.Sc. in Computer Science is a plus
Knowledge of the English language goes without saying.

Available immediately,
40 hours per month (flexible working hours),
3 months, extension possible

If you are interested or want to apply, please contact
Marco Ghiglieri or Lukas Kalabis,
marco.ghiglieri@sit.tu-darmstadt.de or

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