Working Student Position for Robotics and AI programming at Leap in time Lab

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Working Student Position for Robotics and AI programming at Leap in time Lab

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The Leap in Time Lab, a Spin-Off of the TU Darmstadt, is looking for enthusiastic student assistants interested in working with robotics and new technologies to support us in the development of our social robotic platforms such as our android robot Elenoide, Pepper and other technologies to carry out exciting new research projects.

Key areas of work would include (but not limited to):
  • Developing simulation models.
  • Developing hardware interfaces to facilitate Human Perception and Human-Robot Interaction.
  • Sensor integration for improving the robot's perception capabilities.
  • Incorporating AI models for Human-Robot Interaction.
  • Expanding and improving the current robotic software stack.
Basic Requirements: Knowledge of C++/Python
Bonus Requirements: Knowledge of Deep Learning frameworks like PyTorch/TensorFlow, experience with sensor hardware, ROS (Robot Operating System)

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV to Vignesh Prasad ( or to

Additional Info:
  • Start date: ASAP
  • 15,00 € per Hour
  • 20 Hours per month
  • Duration 3-6 Months with possible extension.

Further details can be found here
202106_Ausschreibung Werkstudent_Programming_1.pdf
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202106_Ausschreibung Werkstudent_Programming_2.pdf
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