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von salvaneschi
16. Apr 2013 16:14
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Thema: RBG-Account
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Re: RBG-Account

The RBG account ant he TU-ID and PWD are different... are you sure you are trying with the RBG one ?


von salvaneschi
16. Apr 2013 15:43
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Thema: GroupReg
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Dear all,
the GroupReg system is now running at the following address:


Please register and start creating you group.


von salvaneschi
16. Apr 2013 14:15
Forum: Archiv
Thema: Visual Paradigm licence
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Re: Visual Paradigm licence

Hi, as far as I remember the guys from Visual Paradigm also provide a freely available release with limited functions.
Is anyone experiencing with other (free) tools ?

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